Easton area man shot in P'burg, driven by friend to hospital

There was yellow crime tape at two locations.
An Easton area man was shot early Friday morning near a Phillipsburg bar after a "stupid drunken argument," the friend who drove him to Easton Hospital said.
The victim, who suffered two or three gunshot wounds, didn't say much during the trip to the Wilson Borough medical facility, his friend said.
The Warren County Prosecutor's Office confirmed the shooting and that the victim was alive.
The man was in the Hilltop Bar at 148 Hudson St.
before the 1:32 a.m.
shooting, the friend said.
The driver said he lives not far from the hospital and wasn't in the bar.
His dark, four-door Honda, which was parked at 3 a.m.
in the lot outside the emergency room, had a small hole in it and there was blood inside, he said.
The car was behind crime scene tape and two prosecutor's office detectives were processing it.
It appeared the shooting happened in or near Peach Alley just outside the bar.
Phillipsburg police and prosecutor's office detectives were investigating as the block was sealed off between Lewis and Filmore streets.
Michael Finken, 46, of 81 Lewis St.
in Phillipsburg, said he heard three gunshots about 1:30 a.m., then a five-second pause then three more shots.
He muted the TV, and looked outside but didn't see anything, so he figured it was fireworks, which is more likely in his neighborhood, he said.
Finken usually works nights as a forklift operator, so he's used to being up at the hour, he said.
Outside of arguments outside the bar, the block is pretty quiet, he said.
But 10 minutes later he saw flashing lights, he said.
"I guess it was gunshots," he said.
You don't believe it at first.
You brush it off, figuring somebody is playing around.
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