New Deflategate? Steelers might've used deflated football vs. Eagles

The Pittsburgh Steelers reportedly used a deflated football during the preseason game against the Eagles on Thursday, Aug.
9, 2018 (8/9/18) at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pa.
The Steelers beat the Eagles, 31-14.
Neither quarterback Carson Wentz nor Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles played in the game.
Watch video The Patriots were embroiled in a much-too long controversy in 2015 after, apparently, quarterback Tom Brady led a charge to deliberately deflate footballs for a playoff game against the Colts.
The Eagles might be part of another 'Deflategate' controversy ...
though this one is quite a bit less severe and the Eagles are actually the "victim" this time.
Thursday night, the Steelers might've used a deflated football in the third quarter of the preseason game against the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, per a report from 94WIP's Howard Eskin.  The football, per Eskin, was discovered in the third quarter when Steelers rookie Mason Rudolph was at quarterback.
The NFL responded to the report with the following statement: "All footballs were in compliance w/ NFL rules following the pregame inspection process and all proper procedures were followed.
In the third quarter, a football that was found to be defective was removed from play and will be sent back to Wilson (the football manufacturer) for review." Eagles Studs & Duds from Steelers loss In the end, this event doesn't likely doesn't matter all that much as it didn't have a huge impact on a game the Eagles lost 31-14 anyway.
Plus, it was a meaningless preseason game.
Maybe in the NFL's eyes, though, that won't even matter.  Don't expect this to linger much longer like the first Deflategate did, eventually leading to a four-game suspension for Brady.
The Eagles will actually play the Patriots for their next preseason game, in Foxborough, Mass., on Aug.
16.  Zack Rosenblatt may be reached at

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