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The team no longer has motivation to keep good players off the court more than necessary.

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Arizona water laws do not allow the state to plan long term. If you value your faucet and your home's value, that must change.         

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If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are serious about splitting up, they better get a move on it! The estranged couple’s pending divorce is about to be thrown out entirely, if they don’t stop dragging their feet about the separation, according to court documents obtained by SEE...

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Despite the partial win for Gerald Hill-White, he'll be staying in prison A state appeals court on Friday dismissed all but one of the numerous arson convictions a jury handed to Gerald Hill-White in 2015 for setting fire to a Trenton apartment where his ex girlfriend lived. Hill-White, now...

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Venezuela’s state oil company plans to appeal a U.S. ruling that would allow one of the country’s creditors to seize a major source of dollars—Citgo Petroleum.

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A Monmouth county judge granted prosecutor's request for pretrial detention for Dereal Finklin on Friday morning. Watch video A Monmouth County judge granted a prosecutor's pretrial detention request for a 43-year-old Princeton man accused of threatening a congressman online despite a family...

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San Diego city attorneys obtained a court order this week that allows the city to clean up hoarder house in Bay Ho — a home so full of debris that the elderly owners were forced to live in a camper outside. The conditions of the home left the 79-year-old Vietnam veteran and his 74-year-old...

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Trump’s former campaign chairman obtained $16 million in loans from a bank run by Steve Calk, who aspired to be Treasury or HUD secretary, according to court testimony.

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A 19-year-old Keansburg man allegedly shot and killed Evan Smutz during an argument in an apartment A 19-year-old Keansburg man shot and killed a 20-year-old during an argument in his Keyport apartment on Thursday afternoon, authorities said.  John Curtin fled to New York City after gunning...

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More than 80 current and former residents of Bethpage or their estates have filed a new lawsuit against Northrup Grumman alleging that contaminants from the company's former site have led to specific medical injuries and death, according to court records.

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