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Investigators on Friday were trying to figure out what caused a string of deadly natural-gas explosions and fires in three Boston suburbs that left some homes charred and others totally destroyed. The governor of Massachusetts declared a state of emergency as hundreds of natural-gas technicians were...

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A series of explosions and fires destroyed dozens of homes north of Boston on Thursday. Officials said they appeared related to a natural-gas pipeline. Photo: CJ Gunther/EPA/ShutterStock

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Dozens of homes burned and thousands more were affected by an overpressurized gas line in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, Mass., the authorities said. At least one person was killed.

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As an investigation begins into the cause of the explosions that burned at least 80 buildings and affected 8,500 gas company customers. Some residents won’t go home for some time.

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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he was declaring a state of emergency as he and other officials issued scathing criticisms of the Columbia Gas's response to the crisis.

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The head of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency says firefighters responded to 60 to 80 structure fires in the three communities affected by a series of natural gas explosions.

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“We’re in a different place”: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, talked with Andrew Ross Sorkin about the 2008 financial collapse.

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Investigators worked Friday to pinpoint the cause of a series of dramatic natural gas explosions that killed a young man who had just gotten his driver's license and was sitting in his car, injured at least 25 others and left dozens of homes in smoldering ruins. Authorities said an estimated...

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Varias casas se incendiaron el jueves en tres ciudades de Massachusetts al norte de Boston y fueron consumidas por más de 60 supuestas explosiones de gas.

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