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Ms. Nixon laid claim to a number of accomplishments in her primary defeat to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but still lost in a landslide.

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Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams and Zephyr Teachout all fell short in Thursday’s Democratic primaries. But former members of the state Senate’s Independent Democratic Caucus got wiped out. That leaves the party’s left still feeling its oats. After all, Gov. Cuomo has been shifting their way....

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The New York governor's victory over Cynthia Nixon furthers the myth of the 'inevitable' candidate

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NEW YORK >> New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo easily beat back a primary challenge from activist and actress Cynthia Nixon today, thwarting her attempt to become the latest insurgent liberal to knock off an establishment Democrat.

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Leaders of the Working Families Party rejected a potential deal to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo in November’s general election after the two-term incumbent trounced their candidate, Cynthia Nixon, in the Democratic primary, according to sources. The issue came up during a conference call among WFP...

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Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo brushed past Cynthia Nixon in Thursday’s Democratic contest. But other challengers benefited from the progressive fervor sweeping national politics.

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El veterano gobernador de Nueva York, Andrew Cuomo, volverá a ser el candidato por el Partido Demócrata en noviembre tras ganar claramente a la actriz y activista Cynthia Nixon, con … Click to Continue »

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El gobernador de Nueva York, Andrew Cuomo, se impuso sin problemas a la activista y actriz Cynthia Nixon en las primarias demócratas celebradas el jueves, frustrando su intento de convertirse … Click to Continue »

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She lost her bid for governor of New York, but we need more people like her in elected office.

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