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Arizona Senate hopeful Sinema implied state produced 'crazy' in 2011 speech

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., who is running in a tightly contested U.S. Senate race, implied that her home state produced "crazy" in a 2011 speech in which she also promised to advise liberal activists on how to "stop your state from becoming Arizona."

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As socialism sees resurgence, here are its pros and cons

The Democratic Socialists of America reports at least 46 other Democratic socialist candidates have won primaries this year, and that the organization has grown from 7,000 members to 50,000 since President Trump was elected.

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Sen. Cory Gardner calls for civility amid investigation

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner urged a return to civility as federal police investigate a text of a graphic beheading sent to his wife before his vote for the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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Gov. Mark Dayton to undergo third back surgery

Dayton heading to Mayo Clinic for another spinal procedure, similar to two previous surgeries meant to decrease leg pain and improve balance.


Senate heads for exits as vulnerable Democrats get campaign time and McConnell gets his judges

After bare-knuckled Kavanaugh fight, few Democrats were eager to meet GOP demands. But campaign realities dictated otherwise.

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Hillary Clinton to Trump: 'You asked Russia to hack me on national television'

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton fired back at President Donald Trump Thursday after he claimed a day earlier that Clinton engaged in a conspiracy with Russia. 

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How Trump's China trade war plays out in one Pa. congressional race

Montgomery County's Fourth Congressional District race highlights sharp differences over China. The Republican wants to punish the Chinese with tariffs for years of technology theft while the Democrat calls tariffs dangerous. Her husband's firm imports bicycles from China.


Trump defends Saudi arms sales amid fury over missing writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump defended continuing huge sales of U.S. weapons to Saudi Arabia on Thursday despite rising pressure from lawmakers to punish the kingdom over the disappearance of a Saudi journalist who lived in the United States and is now feared dead.


GOP now on the offensive in several Senate races, could expand majority even if House flips

With less than a month until November's midterm elections, Republicans are now going on the offensive in several Senate races as part of a reinvigorated effort not only to hold onto their slim majority in the upper chamber, but to expand it significantly.

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Kanye West, in 'MAGA' hat, delivers surreal Oval Office show

WASHINGTON (AP) - Live from the Oval Office, it's Kanye West with a jaw-dropping performance.


Michael Cohen re-registers as Democrat, attorney says

Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer who admitted to violating federal campaign finance laws, has re-registered as a Democrat, his lawyer said Thursday.

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