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Stream Shy Glizzy's New Album 'Fully Loaded' Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug & Gunna: Exclusive

This year, fans have been swamped with a barrage of hip-hop projects from the likes of Drake, Kanye West, J. Cole and more. Despite the rap...

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T.I. Calls Kanye West's Meeting With Donald Trump an 'Embarrassing Act of Desperation'

On Thursday (Oct. 11), Kanye West met with President Trump at the Oval Office to discuss a myriad of issues, ranging from his bipolar diagnosis...

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Five Reasons to Be Glad the Grammys Are Back in L.A.

After a one-year sojourn in NYC, the ceremony returns to the West Coast -- and there are at least five reasons to celebrate that. Weather Win “...

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10 Most Memorable Quotes From Kanye West's White House Trip

Kanye West visited the Oval Office on Thursday (Oct. 11), where he sat down with Donald Trump, NFL legend Jim Brown and others to deliver a 10-...

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Kanye West Visits President Trump, Goes on Lengthy Monologue In Oval Office

After President Trump signed the Music Modernization Act into law on Thursday (Oct. 11), Kanye West – who was present in the Oval Office...

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