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‘Touché Kanye!’ T.I. Elegantly Eviscerates Yeezy’s Deplorable Dining With Orange Fanta 45

“If you listen closely you can hear the tears of our ancestors hit the floor…”—T.I. T.I. Drags Kanye West For Trump White House Meeting T.I. is just like us, he’s ALL the way fed up with Kanye’s antics in

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SMH: Jim Brown Kosigns Kanye’s Koonery, Says No One Should Protest The Flag [Video]

NFL Jim Brown Visits White House With Kanye West Kanye West isn’t alone with his love and support of Trump. NFL legend Jim Brown has Yeezy’s back every step of the way, which includes taking visits to the White House

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SMFH: Watch Kanye’s Kooky Lunch Meeting With Cheeto In Chief In Its Entirety [Video]

Kanye’s Lunch Meeting With Donald Trump Kanye’s off the rails again and the embarrassing video of his lunch meeting with Trump is out. KOONYE Kanye made everyone cringe today during a 10-minute rant where he called Trump a “father-figure”, said

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Daddy’s Boy: Kanye West Called Donald Trump A Father Figure And Got Dragged Back To His Crashed Lexus

Kanye West Calls Donald Trump A Father Figure In Oval Office Meeting Kanye West’s father is alive and well. In fact, Kanye was JUST with his father celebrating his victorious battle with cancer. On October 2, Kanye tweeted out a

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