Ed Norton Wants Wrongful Death Case Filed by Firefighter’s Widow to Be Tossed

Ed Norton is denying responsibility for the death of a firefighter who lost his life battling a blaze on set of the actor’s movie, and now he is demanding the wrongful death lawsuit be thrown out. Earlier this year, Ed Norton’s production co., Class 5 Films, was hit with a wrongful death suit by...

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Fate of 2 accused of murder is in jury's hands; victim was shot at least 19 times

Two fate of two Jersey City men charged with murdering a man shot some 19 time will be in the hands of the jury today. JERSEY CITY -- Two Jersey City men charged with murdering a man who was shot as many as 19 times on a front stoop in 2016 will have their fates placed in the hands of the jury...


Prosecutors dismiss one count in criminal case against Harvey Weinstein

The tossed charge – count six – involves allegations made by one of the three accusers in the case, Lucia Evans.

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Puck Kid 2: Another Capitals player insists young fan gets prize after man intercepts toss

Capitals goalie Braden Holtby chides man who intercepted puck tossed to kid, waves him out of way and connects.         

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Recently, my husband, Marc, and I started testing out a new ritual. We are habit people and find that when we can put key aspects of our connection on autopilot - that is, we get them to happen without having to think too much about making them happen - we find each other more in the slightly...

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