The remains of a German-American who invented the first submarine able to dive and resurface by itself have been exhumed in Panama

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Jimmy Kimmel used to dumpster-dive for fireworks as a kid

Brooklyn native Jimmy Kimmel returns to his boyhood stomping grounds when he brings “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC, 11:35 p.m.) to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for five days, starting Monday. Joining him will be guests John Krasinski, Cardi B and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, along with musical acts St....

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Jeff Bezos lost more than $9 billion during stock market plunge

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos lost $9 billion of his fortune Wednesday following a stock market dive that saw the Dow drop more than 800 points.         


If you think you already know everything you need to — or want to — about what remains the world’s most iconic night club, the evocative, deep-dive documentary “Studio 54” has news for you. Viewers inclined to hustle back to the sex-drugs-and-disco-ball late 1970s will find this immersive...

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NFL Week 6 predictions: Picks, point spreads, betting lines for every game

Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season has arrived! It's officially time to dive into point spreads and betting lines around the sport on a weekly basis. That means picks and predictions for the entire slate, including primetime games between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants on Thursday Night...


Mason Greenwood needs patience and luck but can succeed at Man United

Following a disappointing run of form for Manchester United, Craig Burley and Ross Dyer discuss whether it's time to give Marcus Rashford a chance in the central role. Paul Mariner reacts to Wayne Rooney's defence of Jose Mourinho, in which the Man United legend called for player...

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Image Source: The CW When I was growing up, all I did was watch TV. My family had cable, and whenever my sister and I were being "babysat," it was really just us babies being propped in front of the TV while our cousins did whatever teenagers did back in the '90s. I would imagine it was the same...

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Why Jose Mourinho desperately needs Zlatan Ibrahimovic back at Manchester United

The FC guys and Ian Darke dive into the latest drama surrounding Jose Mourinho and the "manhunt" he believes is happening at Manchester United. If the rumours doing the rounds in Manchester's football circles are to be believed, Jose Mourinho is considering a move to take Zlatan Ibrahimovic...

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The FC guys dive into D.C. United's chances of riding their hot streak into the playoffs, and how far they can go if they do.

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