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Ohio cop gives boy with BB gun ‘life lesson,’ tells child he ‘could have killed’ him, video shows

Body camera footage showed Columbus Police Department Officer Peter Casuccio giving two young boys, ages 11 and 13, a life lesson.

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Raging Texas floodwaters cause bridge to crumble, spur evacuations

Fast-moving water on a river in Texas that soared above flood stage caused a bridge to crumble Tuesday, sending chunks of concrete downstream -- and the entire incident was captured in a stunning video.

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California bus crash injured 40, moment of impact seen in dashcam video

Newly released dashcam video shows the terrifying moment Sunday a bus lost control on a freeway in Southern California, careening out of control, smashing into a center divider and injuring dozens of people.

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Man visiting California zoo caught on video scaling barrier near tiger habitat

A man in California reportedly climbed over one of the barriers at the Oakland Zoo over the weekend that separate visitors from the tiger habitat – while the animal was inside.

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