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Roseanne Barr Says ABC Killing Off Her Character With An Overdose Is ‘Grim’ & ‘Morbid’

Roseanne Barr has spoken out about ABC killing off her character via an opioid overdose. Surprise, surprise — she’s not happy about it!  After the premiere of The Conners on Tuesday night, the disgraced sitcom star issued a statement condemning the network for the “grim and morbid” way it...

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Roseanne Barr’s Character’s Death On ‘The Conners’ Confirmed — Twitter Reacts!

No surprises here… [Spoilers Ahead] During the first five minutes of The Conners series premiere, Roseanne Barr‘s character was killed off by an opioid overdose. Related: John Goodman Says He ‘Crashed’ After ‘Roseanne’ Got Canceled! The controversial actress previously spoiled this in...

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