Parliament is addressing the political crisis with mounting urgency. But, government sources fear, “we’re going to get smashed.”

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U.K. Businesses Sound the Alarm While Planning for a No-Deal Brexit

Carmakers say they will idle their factories to ward off supply chain problems and the police have advised retailers to increase their security.

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Why did Parliament agree to leave one of the most momentous decisions in British history to a referendum?

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Los británicos llevarían hasta el límite la resolución del brexit

El parlamento del Reino Unido votará para aprobar o rechazar el acuerdo presentado por la primera ministra Theresa May para la salida de la Unión Europea; sin embargo, analistas creen que será rechazado, lo cual daría lugar a un arriesgado juego político.

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EU offers UK helping hand, but no reopening of Brexit deal

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) " European Union officials are working with Britain on ways to help Prime Minister Theresa May avoid a no-deal British departure from the bloc, although an EU leader insisted Friday that his helping hand won't include any renegotiation of the Brexit divorce deal.As...

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Brexit & Beyond: British Politics Spins Wheels Over Brexit

To subscribe to the newsletter, please sign up here MUST READS British Politics Spins Wheels Over Brexit: Britain’s ongoing Brexit crisis is turning into Groundhog Day. With just over two months until the U.K. is supposed to leave the European Union, Britain’s raucous parliament has slipped...

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Autoridades de la Unión Europea trabajan con Gran Bretaña para ayudar a que la primera ministra Theresa May evite salir del bloque sin un pacto, aunque un líder de la … Click to Continue »

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British Prime Minister Theresa May got her Brexit deal with the European Union after 18 months of talks. But it looks almost certain to be thrown out when she puts it to the British Parliament Jan. 15. Overwhelming opposition to May’s deal led her to delay a vote planned for December. Where does...

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