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Being Martha Stewart’s assistant doesn’t sound like fun

"This process is tedious, but it is always a good idea to clean out makeup and other beauty care supplies every few months.”

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Mahershala Ali listens to his instincts when acting

“I let my instincts take me where they take me. If he’s a bad guy, it’s got to be because people think he’s a bad guy. I can never go into it thinking of these characters as a bad guy.”

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Inside Pusha T’s star-studded Grammys after-party

Guests Pharrell Williams, Robert Pattinson, Kelly Osbourne and Jermaine Dupri popped in to celebrate with the rapper.

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Katy Perry’s shoes pulled after ‘blackface’ backlash

Dear fashion people: Please stop trying to make “blackface” happen. First it was Prada. Then Gucci. Now, pop star Katy Perry (who, yes, is apparently a fashion designer) is in hot water for selling shoes that evoke — intentionally or not — the racist imagery. The styles in question —  a...

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Letitia Wright says God pulled her out of depression

"I saw myself in a deep state of depression, and I literally wanted to quit acting," Wright said while accepting her BAFTA award.

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