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Jennifer Lopez Addresses Grammys Motown Tribute Amid Backlash — As Smokey Robinson Calls Her Critics ‘Stupid’!

When you think of today’s artists who were influenced by Motown, Jennifer Lopez probably doesn’t come to mind. Yet the 49-year-old superstar was the one who sexily led the Motown Records tribute at the 2019 Grammy Awards — so, naturally, people were upset about it. As we reported, J.Lo took...

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Motown Takes Over The 2019 Grammys With A BANG! Watch!

Motown was on display tonight!! Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Smokey Robinson made sure of that! In a wonderful, nostalgic performance honoring the impact Detroit has had on the music industry and the Grammys for the past six decades, the show put on a very high-energy Motown medley that was...

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