Schlarman leaving co-op for 8-man football league

DANVILLE — Schlarman is the latest local school to join the 8-Man Football Association, with Hilltoppers athletic director Phil Sexton announcing the move Thursday morning. read more

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The girl was born Florence, but everyone called her Pancho.The nickname was earned, as one story goes, after she left her first husband, disguised herself as a man and boarded a ship that turned out to be running guns to Mexican revolutionaries.It’s likely the least interesting story from the life...


Reputed Gambino crime boss shot to death in NYC

A man federal prosecutors say was a top leader of New York's notorious Gambino crime family was shot and killed Wednesday night. Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali, 53, was shot multiple times in front of his home. There have been no arrests. (March 13)         

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Ex-NYPD cop busted for dealing drugs in Nassau County

He couldn’t cut it as an NYPD cop — or as a criminal. A Nassau County man who was canned after less than a year on the force in the 1980s was busted Tuesday for dealing pills, heroin and cocaine out of his house, police said. Cops were tipped to Kenneth Riggio’s North Merrick operation...

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Diana Ross shows belligerent fan who’s ‘The Boss’ after rude attack

The Queen of Motown is not one to be messed with. At the grand opening of Ian Schrager’s Edition hotel in Times Square, Diana Ross shocked partygoers with a surprise performance. Midsong, a rowdy man poked the legend in her stomach, trying to push her over. When the singer attempted to slap him...

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Duane Arden Johnson, 58, has been charged with murder after it was determined his wife died from a methamphetamine overdose after a drug-fueled 'death party.'

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When Indiana homeowner George Hollingsworth noticed some damage Tuesday to the door frame on his garage, he suspected a break-in, the Marion Police Department wrote in a statement. On Wednesday, … Click to Continue »

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An ex-Navy man was sentenced Thursday to three consecutive life terms in prison for trying, over several months, to poison his wife to death. Race Remington Uto, 28, pleaded guilty last year to three counts of attempted premeditated murder by dosing his wife, Brigida, with thallium, an extremely...

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ILON — A Frankfort man who was fired from his teacher's assistant job at Pathways Academy has been found not guilty of forcibly touching the buttocks of a female student younger than 17, according to his attorney Frank L. Madia.Dominick (Enzo) LoRe also was found not guilty of endangering the...

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Man mauled to death by his relative’s dogs: cops

A pack of dogs fatally mauled a 53-year-old Texas man at his relative’s house, police said. The victim’s brother called police at around 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday to report that three dogs attacked his brother at a home in Galveston County and that he thought his brother might be dead,...

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A Colorado man charged with the 1973 murder of an 11-year-old girl in Southern California also faces charges of sex acts on two other girls.

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‘Transit’ is a Holocaust movie set in the present, and the gimmick is surprisingly effective

The movie “Transit” opens at a cafe in Paris as a police siren wails outside. The conversation — between two men at a bar making arrangements for transportation — is furtive: “Paris is being sealed off,” one whispers, before handing over letters for his companion, Georg, to deliver to a...

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When a man drove up to his driveway on Wednesday morning and got out of his car, he saw another man outside his home, Australia police said in a news … Click to Continue »

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A homeless man whose body was found Monday on a Malibu beach turned out to have been shot, the coroner’s office said Thursday. Deputies responded to a report of a body found near the 25600 block of Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu around Monday, authorities said. The man was pronounced dead at...

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Cleveland woman called 911 over man screaming about Odell Beckham Jr. trade

A concerned woman called the police after she saw and heard her neighbor yelling and "flailing his arms" when he heard of the Beckham trade.

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21-year-old Alan Wagenbaugh of Canandaigua is facing rape charges after deputies say he had sex multiple times with a 15-year old girl in Hopewell.

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Reputed Gambino crime boss shot to death in New York City

A man said by federal prosecutors to have been a top leader of New York's notorious Gambino crime family was shot and killed Wednesday on Staten Island.

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In “Elgin,” the final short story in Bryan Washington’s debut collection, “Lot,” a young man reflects on Houston’s East End, the neighborhood he’s called home his whole life. “Between the chop shops and busted laundromats and abuelas like scarecrows on every corner, there’s no...

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Canadian 'butcher' who dismembered then-girlfriend gets parole, seeks to live life as transgender woman

A Canadian man known as “The Butcher of Gatineau” for killing and dismembering his then-girlfriend in 1999 has been granted parole and hopes to start a new life as a transgender woman in a halfway house.

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It’s been quite a week in the world of Beto O’Rourke. He made an appearance at South by Southwest, his Vanity Fair profile came out this week and he officially announced his run for president. But one big talking point has also emerged, mainly from the Vanity Fair piece: O’Rourke’s dog...

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