The new iTunes scam that's trying to steal money from N.J. residents

The email scam asks people to buy the gift cards and then send the redemption code back to the sender.
A new email scam in which cyber criminals attempt to get people to purchase iTunes gift cards and then give out the redemption code is being reported throughout New Jersey.
The scammers pose as a "trusted contact, such as a school principal or the president of an organization," the New Jersey Cyber Security & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) announced Thursday.
"Emails related to this campaign display the name of a familiar contact and originate from various Gmail accounts, including those containing 'schoolprincipal,' 'headofschool,' or 'chapterpresident' in the sender's address," the organization said in a release.
The first email asks the recipient if they are available, and the follow-up is a request to buy iTunes gift cards and provide the redemption code on back of the cards to the sender.  The criminals try to trick the senders by saying the gift cards are for a fundraiser or charity or say they are unable to purchase the cards themselves "due to time constraints," the NJCCIC said.
Anyone who received these emails, or any similar ones, was asked to try to verify the sender "via another means of communication" before doing anything and report the scam to friends, family or fellow employee.  Chris Sheldon may be reached at
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