DeKalb County smothered by Sunday’s heavy snowfall

DeKalb County got the brunt of the snowstorm Sunday by the looks of it, according to weather officials.
Kevin Birk, meteorologist for the National Weather Service out of Chicago, said records show 8.5 inches of snow fell Sunday in DeKalb.
“So, pretty much, DeKalb County was right in the nose of the heaviest band of snow,” Birk said.
Birk said it’s not atypical for DeKalb County to see snow this time of year, but around this time it’s usually just a dusting or maybe a couple of inches.
To put it into perspective, Birk said, O’Hare International Airport saw 5.4 inches of snow Sunday.
He said the last time the area saw 5 or more inches of snow during this time of year was April 16, 1961.
“It’s rare to have a major accumulation this late in the season,” Birk said.
The tallies come after the National Weather Service initially called for possible snow accumulation on grassy areas ahead of the Sunday storm.
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Andy Sullivan said the sheriff’s office reported 25 cars in ditches, 10 property damage accidents and two personal injury accidents between 6 a.m.
and 6 p.m.
He said there were five drivers in ditches, one property damage accident and one personal injury accident, meaning someone had to be seen by an ambulance, between 6 p.m.
Sunday and 6 a.m.
Sullivan said property damage accidents may include a car hitting a mailbox or another car, whether it means the incidents caused damage to the driver’s car, the victim’s car or both.
“But nobody was injured in those,” Sullivan said.
DeKalb County Highway Engineer Nathan Schwartz did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Chronicle on Monday afternoon.
DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott said he was aware of a lot of cars ending up in ditches as a result of Sunday’s storm.
“People just got sort of sucked in the snow and pulled into ditches,” Scott said.

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